Tune in for the final event of Trust in Play’s Amsterdam branch

Trust in Play: European School of Urban Game Design
Sep 24th | 18:30 at Pakhuis de Zwijger

As cities become more and more complex, there’s the risk of losing the “human touch” in how we relate to our neighbors. Could playful experiences in urban public spaces play a role in establishing new relationships of trust? That was the central challenge for participants in the Trust in Play European School of Urban Game Design. In three branches (Athens, Amsterdam and Nomadic), designers worked together on making games and playful experiences for urban public spaces. The lectorate of Play & Civic Media is the organiser of the Amsterdam branch and we would like to invite you to tune in for our Trust in Play final event and discover the games that the Amsterdam branch developed in the past year. 

Speakers: Gabriele Ferri,Giulia Gualtieri, Gavin Wood, Tomo Kihara, Lily Higgins, Ioana Lupascu, Vitor Freire, Viviana Cordero, and Olina Terzi.
Moderator: Martijn de Waal 

Watch the full video of the live cast below: