Jaz Choi joins panel & book launch of “Designing in Coexistence – Reflections on Systemic Change”, at Venice Architecture Biennale

Last weekend, Civic Interaction Design Associate Professor, Jaz Choi, participated in the panel & book launch of “Designing in Coexistence – Reflections on Systemic Change”, as part of the program of Croatia’s participation in the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale.

The book was created as a result of the discursive program and as a final product of the project, and combines a series of research through author’s texts, as well as the results of workshops that, in organization and cooperation with numerous educational institutions, were held in Venice, Ljubljana, Split, Motovun, Milan and the Lonja Wetlands.

Also as part of the discursive program of the Croatian Pavilion, earlier this year, as a member of the Open Forest Collective, Jaz Choi was involved in the development of a 4-day feral workshop titled Feral Drifting with Lonja Wetlands. The workshop took place at the Lonja wetlands, in Croatia, as a performative investigation of multispecies relations and spatio-temporalities of care that shape the flow of life and death in the Lonja wetlands. Participants experimented with feral ways of sensemaking and co-presencing that invited open-ended, multisensory, and spontaneous encounters unfolding beyond the bounds of human control. The workshop was intended for master, postgraduate students, researchers, and emerging practitioners engaged with creative practices across diverse fields such as arts, design, digital technologies, psychology, social and natural sciences. For more details, click here.

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