Student prototypes on ‘Designing with the Sun’ showcased at EXPO Minor Makers Lab

Friday, June 21 / 14.00–16.00 / Benno Premselahuis (ground floor)

Join us on June 21st for the EXPO Minor Makers Lab, where students develop digital fabrication skills, ranging from creating soft robotics to making dynamic garments and biomaterials. They will showcase their learning through three different projects:

A group of students will showcase the prototypes they created inspired by the sun, as part of Angella’s Designing with the Sun project, which explores new (cultural) practices of renewable energy consumption, based on a shift from ‘energy blindness’ to ‘energy awareness’.

With “Interspecies Material Reveries,” students respond to the vibrant and rich materiality of the “Queer as the Ocean” series, a world where the boundaries between humans and aquatic life are fading, created by designer Carlo De Gaetano. 

The students working for the ‘Fashion Research & Technology group’ focused on dynamic garments. Their quest: “How can clothes adapt to your personal, social, and emotional data?” After multiple prototypes and a deep dive into soft robotics, the result is a dynamic garment that conveys the wearer’s emotions.

Everyone is welcome to visit the exhibition at the Benno Premselahuis (ground floor) on Friday, June 21st, from 14:00 to 16:00.