We welcome visiting scholars who would like the opportunity of collaborating with the CivicIxD Team on their research projects for a period of time. Contact us if you are interested.

Isavella Karouti 
Visiting scholar in 2020
She is an architect and a postgraduate student MSc on Cultural Organizations’ Management in the Hellenic Open University. Her ongoing master thesis is on the “Activities beyond the walls: urban games and cultural organizations. International practice and the Greek perspective”. In her thesis she will try to present urban games as a means for cultural organizations to communicate with their audience and also as a tool to raise audience.
At CivicIxD, she contributed to the Trust in Play project with the guidance of Martijn de Waal and Gabriele Ferri. The research area will be on how game designers approach the challenge of creating a game and the communication among game designers and other designers (like graphic, product, service designers, architects etc.).

Artur Vasconcelos Cordeiro
Visiting scholar in 2019
He is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP) with research on media architecture and participatory forms, advised by Profa. Dr. Giselle Beiguelman, with a scholarship from FAPESP. The proposal is to research hackable city practices related to media architecture, investigating participatory forms of media devices in public space.
Artur is also currently researching environmental sensing and ways of physical data visualization. In addition, he develops experimental projects with open technologies, digital fabrication, flashing LEDs and sounds.

Anna Brynskov
Visiting scholar in 2019
Visited as a research intern from the MA program in Digital Design at Aarhus University. She contributed to the Circulate research project with a design fiction movie on algorithmic governance.

Mattia Thibault
Visiting scholar in 2019
Visited from Tampere University (Finland) to work on his postdoc research on urban playfulness. The visit was co-hosted by Master Digital Design and Waag.

Walter Piccolo
Visiting scholar in 2019
Visited from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) to work on his MA thesis on interactive storytelling. He contributed a workshop to the students of the Master Digital Design.

Elisa Reale
Visiting scholar in 2019
She is a Ph.D. candidate for “Complex systems in life science” at the “Doctoral School in Life and Health Sciences” in Turin, Italy. Her research is conducted under the tutoring of Professor Michele Caselle, who is the head of the Biophys group at the physics department at the University of Turin. Elisa’s project revolves around the use of simple informatic tools to identify microRNAs with specific epigenetic behaviors, meaning that they have an effect on the molecules that can affect DNA translation without affecting the sequence itself. She has a master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology. Creating her path from the wet lab to the in silico lab, she developed data analysis skills able to be applied in different fields.

Wouter Janssen (MIC, FDMCI)
Visiting scholar in 2019
Is staying with us as part of the exchange education-research preparing for his Ph.D. on rationality in the public sphere (mentor: Martijn de Waal)

Bianca Andaloro
Visiting scholar in 2019
She is a young Italian architect, graduated in the University of Palermo in July 2017 is visiting Civic Interaction Design group from January to July 2019. She is part of a research and didactic unit founded by Professor Z. Tesoriere is called “Infra lab”. Bianca is interested in public spaces and interactions between them and users, in the bottom-up design process and in the role of new technologies as an integral part of the design system, as well as recycling and regenerating city’s boundaries and obsolescent industrial areas.

Andy Hunsucker  
Visiting scholar in 2019
Is a PhD student Indiana University – HCI Design is staying with us from 1 Oct – 9 Nov, collecting data for his Ph.D. thesis by interviewing the industry partners of the Master of Digital Design.