From Prevention to Resilience: Designing Public Spaces in Times of Pandemics  

This project will explore and investigate the question: how can design interventions in public space for the 1.5-meter society also contribute to strengthening social and ecological resilience?

Through a combination of desk research, expert sessions with an international community of practice and research-through-design interventions, this research project aims to go beyond the purely practical prevention approach and explore how Covid-19 measures can be linked to making neighborhoods more resilient, both socially and ecologically.

The project seeks to establish an analysis and design framework with which the effective principles of digital and physical interventions for the 1.5-meter society at the neighborhood level can be analyzed and designed with regard to their potential for social and ecological resilience. In addition, an (inter)national community of practice will be set up in the form of an interdisciplinary learning network, which will contribute to the development of the analysis and design framework. Through this process, we hope to also contribute by sharing and disseminating the findings and results of this project among professionals in the Netherlands and worldwide.