Check out the ‘Responsible Business Model Canvas: A Strategic Guide to value-driven initiatives

It is a wrap for the ‘Responsible Business Models‘ research project, which we are delighted to have been involved in together with Waag Futurelab. In this project, funded by CLICKNL, we investigated the conditions for digital public spaces and the fundamental aspects of responsible business models. We also investigated what responsible business models are, starting from the non-extractive, sustainable, and non-monopolistic alternatives to the business models of large tech companies. Finally, we looked at how responsible business models can contribute to an open and heterogeneous, digital public space.

One of the main outputs of this project was the development of a Responsible Business Model Canvas and associated workshop method to support initiatives in designing a business model based on public values. The Canvas is specifically designed for initiatives in the digital public space, but can also be used more broadly. It encourages a holistic approach to a business model, in which the social and environmental impact of the organization plays an important role, among other things.