Civic IxD Associate Professor, Jaz Choi, is now a senior member of the Participatory Design Conference Advisory Board

We are excited to announce CivicIxD Associate Professor Jaz Choi as new senior member of the Participatory Design Conference (PDC) Advisory Board (2023-2028).

Participatory Design Conferences (PDC) have been held every two years since 1990 and have formed an important venue for international discussion of the collaborative, social, and political dimensions of technology innovation and use. PDCs bring together a multidisciplinary and international group of software developers, researchers, social scientists, managers, designers, practitioners, users, cultural workers, activists and citizens who both advocate and adopt distinctively participatory approaches in the development of information and communication artifacts, systems, services and technology. A central concern has always been to understand how collaborative design processes can be driven by the participation of the people affected by the technology designed.

Jaz Choi has a long track record of engagement with the PDC community and we look forward to her involvement in the board.

To learn more about PDCs and its contributions to the field, check out the PCDs proceedings from 2004-2020, which are available here.