New publication: G. Korte, G. Ferri “Research Through Game Design”

New publication: Genèviéve Korte and Gabriele Ferri, Research Through Game Design. Interactive Stories from a Submerged Amsterdam, “Ocula”, vol.19, no.19, pp.110-128, October 2018.

Abstract: Deciding what kind of smart cities do we, as a society, want is not only a political question but also a matter of envisioning possible futures. The speculative narratives that designers produce to support their imagination are called “Design Fictions.” We share SUBMERGED, a cross-platform project that combines game design, interactive narrative, and urban exploration with the objective of empowering citizens to produce their design fictions. Following a “Research through Design” practice, we describe our process for creating SUBMERGED, we synthesize some critical insights from our experience, and we urgently call for a dialogue between semioticians and design researchers on these topics.

Keywords: gamification, design research, game design, pervasive game, interactive