Project proposal on the exploration of new practices of renewable energy consumption accepted for KIEM-GoCI – Regieorgaan SIA grant

Designing with the Sun is a KIEM-GoCI explorative research project on the theme of Energy Transition and Sustainability, led by Angella Mackey. The project is aimed at network and agenda building and design research that explores new (cultural) practices of renewable energy consumption, based on a shift from ‘energy blindness’ to ‘energy awareness’. In a research-through-design trajectory, Designing with the Sun will explore new ways of relating citizens to solar energy. Ultimately, these insights should enable the newly emerging field of solar design to contribute to the emergence of more sustainable and rewarding energy awareness and practices. This project will be developed in collaboration with AUAS – Fashion Research and Technology (FRT), Pauline van Dongen Studio, Biosphere Solar, Amsterdam Energie Elisava School of Design & Engineering (Barcelona), Solar Biennale Network.