Kick-off meeting Highlights from Charging the Commons: designing DLTs to empower resource communities

Last week we had the kick-off meeting of our Charging the Commons project, in which we will be exploring the design of digital platforms for resource communities over the next two years. The project specifically focuses on examining how the (social) values of a community can be translated into a design for the management of an urban commons, using digital ledger technologies (DLT’s).

We look back on a successful meeting, in which Martijn de Waal (HvA) briefly introduced the project, Michel van Dartel (Avans) gave an introduction to the Situated Design approach that we will explore further in the project.
Then Marthijn Pool (Space & Matter and Crowdbuilding), Joost Beunderman (Dark Matter Labs) and Stefan Hennis (De Warren) gave a short sketch of the different fieldlabs we will be working on in the next two years. We concluded with a short workshop led by Minouche Besters and Nienke Sluimer of Stipo, in which we explored the different types of knowledge that the member organisations can contribute. Other contributors to the content of the project were Het Nieuwe InstituutMetabolic, the Planbureau voor de LeefomgevingPakhuis de ZwijgerWaag, the Dutch Blockchain CoalitionDutch Digital Design Agencies, the Commons Network and ThingsCon.
If you are interested in joining this community of practice, send an email to:

Martijn de Waal
Lector Civic Interaction Design

Wouter Meys
Project Manager Civic Interaction Design

Charging the Commons is a follow-up of the Circulate project, which also explored the design of digital platforms for resource communities. To learn more about this, click here