4D Citymaking and Connecting Cinemas Design Field Guides are now available

As two of our projects come to an end, we have created design field guides showcasing the insights and contributions that we were able to develop during the 4D Citymaking project and Connecting Cinemas Project. Find more details below and download the field guides in pdf format.

Based on the findings and insights that resulted from the 4D Citymaking project, we created a Design Field Guide that features guidelines and parameters that city planners, designers and other stakeholders can use when developing a 4d city model. 

Connecting Cinemas is an initiative of Public Art Lab and Neue Kammerspiele, funded by the Europe MEDIA program of the European Commission. The project aimed to bring audiences and cinemas together in rural regions across Europe and establish a networked infrastructure to share live events and programmes and develop new knowledge about the position of rural cinemas as cultural centers in the digital age. Now that the project has concluded, we created a Design Field Guide based on our contributions to this project (download below).