Save the date for our upcoming livecast at Pakhuis de Zwijger: Bridging the Divide

SEPT 6TH  |  20:00-21:00  |  STUDIO PDZ
What can we learn from design agencies that work on neighbourhood resilience while integrating human and non-human perspectives?

The research project and event series ‘From Prevention to Resilience’ explores how public space and civic engagement can contribute to more resilient urban neighbourhoods. Throughout the project a nature-inclusive design framework has been developed, which challenges and enables urban designers to not only consider ‘human’ residents within their scope but also ‘non-human’ residents. In the third and final event of the series, experience design lab ‘UNSx’ and social design agency ‘The Beach’ share their experiences with integrating these two perspectives to promote neighbourhood resilience. What value was created by integrating these different perspectives? Which obstacles and challenges emerged while doing so? And what lessons were learned that can inform future design practices for more resilient neighbourhoods?

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