RECAST: a new network & newsletter on the social implications of digital technology & design

Together with Gijs Gootjes of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Digital Society School, we have taken the initiative for a new, bi-weekly newsletter and network on the social implications of digital technology and design: Recast

The name is inspired by the work of Michiel Schwarz, and refers to new ways of looking, thinking and making that can contribute to the design of a sustainable and just society.

The first newsletter, in which we introduce the theme, is already published and can be read below: 

In the coming weeks, we will further explore specific themes, such as topics such as programmable money, technological citizenship, more-than-human design, the role of digital platforms in neighborhood communities, contestable AI etc. 

Together with our readers, we look for inspiring examples, important developments and events, films or books that can provide more insight into this. 

Let us know if you organize, publish, or have created something yourself that you want to share with us! This can also be done via Recast’s LinkedIn page