P&CM’s new project: VR for Diversity

During the summer holidays, we also received the good news that Mirjam Vosmeer’s RAAK MKB application “VR for Diversity” has been approved. This project will explore the use of interaction in virtual reality, and will start in mid-October, in collaboration with HKU, VU, WeMakeVR and a whole series of other network partners.
The latest VR technology offers more and more possibilities for physical interaction, such as walking around or grabbing and moving objects. In addition, we can distinguish narrative interaction, where the user is directly looked at or addressed within the story, for example. The research question will focus on the effect of these different forms of interaction. Do people become more convinced of a message if they themselves have an influence on what happens in the virtual environment, or if they actually feel involved in the story? “Diversity” was chosen as the larger theme and with this project, we will ultimately work towards a professional VR installation with which we can inform users about this subject in an exciting way.