‘Neighbours’ game Workshop: using serious games as a tool for community building & research

In the context of the ‘Circulate: Design Thinking for the Circular Economy‘ project, our researchers Dolinde van Beek and Karel Millenaar created the game: ‘Neighbours‘ – a scenario game that allows players to interact and discuss dilemmas which may arise in community living. With that, we aim to better understand the underlying economic and social values in collective living societies, which may subsequently contribute to the improvement of design processes from professionals in the field (architects, developers, designers). We recently held a game creation workshop with one of our main project partners: Space & Matter and their daughter company Crowdbuilding. The main purpose of the workshop was to enable Crowdbuilding to include the game in their community creation process. The workshop was very well received and we are now looking into more ways to utilize this methodology for value transparency within circular communities.