Martijn de Waal joins panel on Building a Public Governance at Pakhuis de Zwijger, organised by De Chrononauten

MONDAY, NOV 21th  |  20:00-21:00 CET  |  ONLINE + PAKHUIS DE ZWIJGER 


On November 21st, Martijn de Waal will participate in the panel Designing Cities for All: Building a Public Governanceorganised by Christiaan Fruneaux and Edwin Gardner from De Chrononauten

In their Designing Cities for All Fellowship, de Chrononauten rethink the shape of trust and democracy in the digital age. The last episode of this three-part series will zoom in on digital public governance. Institutional trust is failing all over the world. How can we build a new foundation for the shift to a digital society? Who do we trust to create and oversee the emerging structures of the digital age? And how do we make sure everyone has a voice in this new context of democracy?

In this programme, futurists, experts and designers consider how to build a fresh architecture of trust with, for and by all. But first, de Chrononauten will take you on a brief journey to the future.

>> Speakers: Christiaan Fruneaux and Edwin Gardner (De Chrononauten), Lisa Talia Moretti (Ministry of Justice UK), Tara Karpinski (Avans) and Martijn de Waal (HvA-CivicIxD). 

*You can attend this event physically or online.