Martijn de Waal gives talk at ‘De fundamenten: Op de rand van de toekomst’, an event organized by Avanti, Almere

FEB, 22nd  |  20:00-22:00 CET |  Kunstlinie, Almere Hall X

Op de rand van de toekomst, is a series of seven episodes organised by Avanti, to explore what the future could look like. Think about how we can use artificial intelligence, neuro-architecture or mind-altering drugs in shaping our society.  Here knowledge and lived experience come together in the most beautiful conversations. Each subject is approached and viewed from three complete angles. 

This is how citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs and policymakers meet each other here. Both listening to the latest insights in the field of knowledge and during the extensive meeting afterward. This upcoming session will focus on the fundamentals, how do we actually build and design the future? The city of Almere has already formulated its principles, but are they still usable or are we ready for new ones? CivicIxD Lector, Martijn de Waal will take part in this discussion. 

The program will also surprise you with innovative perspectives during drinks afterward. This way you can chat, exchange thoughts and forge alliances at the same time.