Join us for the upcoming webinar ‘Building Resilient Neighborhoods in the post-Covid city: Bridging Social and Ecological Perspectives

MONDAY, NOV 21 |  11:00 US Central – 18:00 Europe | Via Zoom

The research project ‘From Prevention to Resilience‘ explores how public space and civic engagement can contribute to more resilient urban neighbourhoods. In this first webinar, we present and discuss one central outcome of this project: a framework that challenges and enables urban designers to not only contribute to more resilient human communities but also to non-human communities. 

The framework proposes three qualities for designers to pursue — i.e., agency, connectedness, and diversity — and provides various strategies and examples on how to do so. The framework was applied in three design cases that took place in Amsterdam neighbourhoods, in collaboration with design professionals and social housing organizations. 

What value was created by integrating human and non-human perspectives? What obstacles and challenges emerged while doing so? And what lessons were learned that could inform future design practices for more resilient neighbourhoods? In this webinar, three design researchers address these questions by presenting and discussing their experiences and findings from the design cases.

Participants in this webinar will…
– be invited to take a new perspective on neighbourhood resilience, which encourages designers and other professionals to simultaneously consider human and non-human communities.
– become familiar with a rationale for integrating human and other-than-human perspectives on neighbourhood resilience.
– learn about the opportunities and challenges of integrating human and non-human perspectives on neighbourhood resilience.

>> Speakers: Boudewijn BoonGiulia Gualtieri & Sába Schramkó
>> Moderator: Luisa Bravo

This event is organised in collaboration with City Space Architecture and Environmental Design Research Association