Join us at Society 5.0 Festival for the workshop “Blind efficiency or thoughtful improvisation? Scrutinizing urban technology in public space”

November 1st | 15:00 – 16:15 | The Social Hub Amsterdam City

Join us in this workshop where we delve into the long-term drawbacks of smart city technologies that largely take human presence and communication ‘out of the loop’. In this workshop we dive into these developments by using real life cases to explore what values are important to us. Ultimately, we might have ideas on how citizens, community workers and civil servants can bring the human, including his/her skills to improvise, back in the ‘loop’. Click here for more details.

This workshop will be hosted by Mike de Kreek, together with Marjolijn RuygMichiel de Lange and will take place as part of the upcoming Society 5.0 Festival. To join this session, sign up below for the Society 5.0 Festival and enjoy a number of thought-provoking lectures, workshops, roundtables & more.