Job vacancy: (Design) Researcher Ethical Design of AI in the Smart City (0,6-0,8 FTE)

We just extended our opening for a design researcher on the ethical design of AI in the smart city. You have until Aug 31st to apply!

Human Values for Smarter Cities is an exciting 4-year project that we have set up in close collaboration with the Responsible Sensing Lab at AMS and the work of TU Delft on contestable Artificial Intelligence. The project will run from 2022-2026, and it addresses the embedding of public values (e.g. transparency, accountability) into the design of responsible smart city and A.I. services in Dutch cities. It explores the question of how abstract values expressed in manifestos about ethical smart city development can be translated into concrete products and services that make use of AI.

The design researcher will engage various stakeholders involved (partners in the project) and run a number of research-through-design experiments that can shine new light on an integrated design & implementation process for ethical AI.

See below for the full details, and feel free to contact us in case you would like to learn more about it: