Human Values for Smarter Cities at Kennisparade 2023

Last month, CivicIxD researcher Mike de Kreek, together with CivicIxD project manager Jorgen Karskens, showcased the Human Values for Smarter Cities project during the Poster presentations at the HvA Kennisparade 2023. This 4-year RAAK-Pro research project aims to help developers, designers, and policymakers to develop a value-based design approach for the ethical implementation of smart city technologies. At the Kennisparade, Mike and Jorgen had the opportunity to introduce the Human Values for Smarter Cities to HvA colleagues from other faculties, making new connections that may enable future collaborations. 

Interested? So, join the Human Values for Smarter Citiescommunity of practice group on LinkedIn, where we share the project’s findings and where the community is encouraged to share thoughts, relevant readings, conferences, or other media that relate to smart city technologies.