Filippo Lodi (UNStudio) @ AUAS (02-07-19)

UN Studio’s Filippo Lodi is the second speaker in our series of meet-ups organized by the Master of Digital Design and the Media Architecture Biennale. His talk will take place at July 2nd, 17:00 at the Kohnstamhuis at HVA Amstel campus.

Meetup with Filippo Lodi: from Architecture to Sensorial Experience Design

From the most intimate spaces of our lives to big business, new forms of culture and technology are reshaping the world. More specific: the rise of data technology, sensorial technology and artificial intelligence enables architects and designers to create buildings that sense, understand and respond to the needs and behaviors of the people that work and live in them.  As architecture firm UNStudio is at the forefront of these developments, we are excited to introduce Filippo Lodi, Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management as our next speaker in a series of meetings organized as a collaboration between the Master Digital Design and the Media Architecture Biennale.  Filippo will explain how the rise of urban technologies has led to a new type of professional: the sensorial experience designer. Through various examples, he will show how UNStudio addresses the increasing role of technology in urban design and what this means for the profession of both urban and interaction designers. An important aspect of their work now also addresses the implied futures of new technologies. There are societal consequences for the kinds of future scenarios we imagine for our cities. As such, Sensorial Experience Design is not only about efficiency, or pleasantness, but also about what kind of socio-cultural contexts we want to foster.