Book Launch: The Politics of Platformization, featuring an interview by Martijn de Waal

FEB, 14th  |  17:00-18:30  |  SPUI25

What is platformization and why is it a relevant category in the contemporary political landscape? How is it related to cybernetics and the history of computation? During this event, interviewees of the recently published The Politics of Platformization: Amsterdam Dialogues on Platform Theory join editor Gianmarco Cristofari in conversation. Civic IxD Lector, Martijn de Waal is among the interviewees. 

The Politics of Platformization captures multidisciplinary dialogues about the first ten years of the emerging fields of platform studies and platform theory. It deploys a narrative and playful approach that makes use of anecdotes, personal histories, etymologies, and futurable speculations to investigate both the fragmented genealogy that led to platformization and the organizational and economic trends that guide nowadays platform sociotechnical imaginaries.