Martijn de Waal gives interview about Society 5.0 Festival

The two-day Society 5.0 festival at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam (Tuesday, Oct 12th and Wednesday, Oct 13th), revolves around the question of how we create a sustainable, inclusive society, and how we can use technology for this purpose. A future festival about shared human values.

The festival has five ‘themes’, which run as a common thread throughout the programme. Read the interview below with program curators: Martijn de Waal (Professor of Civic Interaction Design), Sabine Niederer (Professor of Visual Methodologies) and Tamara Witschge (Professor of Creative Media for Social Change).

More than 40 speakers from home and abroad are on the program. You can also actively participate in workshops and break-out sessions. For example, in the mini-course ‘Climate Conversations’ you can learn in a cheerful way how to have a quickly overheated discussion about climate change in the football canteen or at the neighbourhood bbq. In addition, there is also plenty to do at the Society 5.0 Festival, such as a night walk through Amsterdam, a piano concert or a food truck with a cultured meat menu. Check out the program and sign up to participate