A new research project on interactive exhibition formats that depict future scenarios on the (energy) transition

In Transition-Scapes, interactive exhibition forms are being explored with which future scenarios about the energy transition can be visualized. The goal is to make the implications of the transition understandable and discussable at the level of residents.

In order to involve residents in the energy transition, stakeholders are looking for new tools with which they can visualize various scenarios surrounding complex transition tasks, and make their implications understandable and discussable at the level of the living environment. This research project explores the design of such a tool: Transition-Scapes. These are interactive exhibition formats with the aim of depicting and representing future scenarios around the (energy) transition. With design professionals, exhibition makers, experts in the field of energy transition, researchers and students we will develop a design framework for the design and use of such a tool.

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Newsletter #1 – March 2024