Circulate Movies

Circulate Movies

Circulate is a 2-year research project that explores the design of digital platforms for resource communities. In particular, we have looked at the affordances of distributed ledger technologies as administration and governance tools for communities that want to share resources with one another, such as energy collectives, housing coops, or shared mobility communities. 

Circulate focuses specifically on the issue of “values transparency”. What underlying economic and social values should be given a role in the design of local platforms for the circular economy? How can these values be made explicit and understandable (transparent), with the ultimate goal of making neighborhoods more sustainable and liveable? With a research-through-design approach, Circulate explores the potential for small & medium companies to contribute to social transformation in the field of sustainability. With the ultimate goal of providing companies & designers with guidelines, tools and frameworks that can apply to the further development of local platforms for the circular economy. 

In this process, we created short movies about the research process and design tools developed in the project, see below:

Introducing the Circulate Project

The Circulate Project explored 6 design dilemmas that arise when distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are to be applied in the governance of artificial material commons

The Ener-geyser (or Schoonschip Geyser) is a data-driven (floating) fountain that visualises peak times: times when there is a high demand for energy on the communal energy smart-grid of an Amsterdam-based resource community called Schoonschip.

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