With human life taking place increasingly online, we wonder what can be called public space today. Public space on the street is easy to imagine, and public debate in traditional media is well regulated. Digital public space is a trickier notion. The online world is primarily private and commercial; however, there is an unprecedented amount of human interaction. The tone is set by the design choices, filtering algorithms, preferences and, above all, the interests of large tech companies.

Within the project ‘Open Business Models in an Open Market’, we want to investigate the conditions for digital public spaces. Together with Waag society, we are researching a ‘blueprint’ in which the fundamental aspects of an open market through open business models are examined as a counterpart to the business model of large tech companies. This is fundamental for the creative industry as ‘creative content producers’ and for digital creators (designers and developers) as the designers in particular.

We do this based on the aspects of market organization, technology and perception. For each of these aspects, the question is which public values are at stake and what are their part in creating conditions for an open and heterogeneous digital public space. The aim is to investigate a blueprint for designing the digital public space, particularly for digital makers.