MEGA was granted by CoECI in March of 2024 and will run through December 2024. The project will create, host and provide training materials for educators around the use of megagames as a teaching tool.

MEGA explores the use of megagames in higher education to enhance teaching and learning about global issues. Megagames, live large-scale interactive games, offer a novel approach to education by immersing students in complex problem-solving scenarios. Students will get first-hand experience trying to solve real-world challenges like climate change or polarization while building the critical and creative thinking necessary to address wicked problems. MEGA endeavors to showcase how megagames can enrich educational experiences, encouraging innovative approaches to preparing students for tackling pressing societal issues in a dynamic and engaging manner. In addition to developing a megagame, we will provide an implementation handbook so that teachers can experiment with this methodology with their own students.

Project team
Anders Bouwer, Daan van Smaalen, Erwin van Crassbeek, Karel Millinaar, Kristin Webb, Loes Wernsen, Sonia Palha, Willem-Jan Mijnlieff.