How to design and use social interactive technologies for photo sharing to support 21st century learning? This is the main question addressed in the proposed PhD. It connects the field of interaction design and trends in (digital) visual culture and communication with the latest insights in education. The goal is to establish effective interface and technology solutions as well as guidelines and working materials for actual 21st century learning scenarios.

Product: Snappthis

A fully functioning mobile application for Android as well as for iOS has been developed: Snappthis. With Snappthis, photo mind maps(snappmaps) are created, together with a group. Group members create, share and reflect upon the photos, playfully revealing and discovering personal stories and values of the other group members. Testing and iterating Snappthis, while using it as a design probe within different contexts this research wants to find out how 21st Century Learning can be facilitated, such as creative thinking and critical reflection.

Event: Round N Around workshop for a bikeable San Paulo, in Sao Paulo.

Supported by Snappthis, members of the biking community in Sao Paulo photo-mapped the opportunities and challenges for improving the biking culture in this city. The photos were discussed in the workshop with all group members and insights – clustered in design challenges – were used to inspire the second workshop. The results are published in the publication ‘A Collaborative Action for a Bikeable Sao Paulo’.