Civic Interaction Design: Shaping Public Life in a Network Society

Civic Interaction Design: Shaping Public Life in a Network Society

The digital transition has yielded new types of public spaces and new ways in which citizens and governments relate to each other. The research group Civic Interaction Design explores the role of interactive media and digital technologies in these developments.

Together with businesses, governments, designers, cultural institutions and students, the research group investigates how the design of interactive experiences, digital platforms, and online services can contribute to public life. How can public values regarding democracy, diversity, and sustainability be embedded in an emerging network or platform society?

Martijn de Waal, Professor in Civic Interaction Design (CivicIxD), presented his inaugural lecture on Tuesday, 23 March 2021. In this lecture he explained how CivicIxD contributes to research, education, and practice. Because of the measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, this lecture was closed to the public and be presented as a livecast.

Watch Martijn de Waal’s inaugural lecture below:

This lecture is also be featured as a publication and you can download it or request a printed copy below.

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